A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

An Oddity or Enigma

Inadvertent Intimidation.

My best friends to date will say they didn't approach me the first time they saw me because I was intimidating and we laugh every time because I am extremely heartfelt and humble I still have a hard time with taking compliments.

The big plan is to become a UX Product Designer making people think deeper about how they view everyday life instead of everything being surface level. Vibe with the idea of when you go to an art gallery and you see people staring at a painting, you’re probably wondering what they’re thinking. There are so many beautiful unspoken thoughts running through peoples heads. Our problem as a society is we have our own unspoken rubric on how to express these amazing thoughts and ideas. Then these ideas are lost with insecurity as we watch them walk by. I’m going to make people uncomfortable in order to make change. Sometimes in order to have empathy you have to get into others heads and dive into their world. That could create discomfort where some people aren’t ready for that reality. How do we help people and design experiences for individuals if we cannot break out of our comfort zones. I will solve this through my work, great things never come from comfort zones. The only constant is change, That's the Paradox.

I'm a visual person 100%, but I'm fascinated by the human mind and psychology. I want to be able to expand UX on all platforms because it's what we need as humans. To have a deeper understanding of each other and each others needs to co-exist harmoniously.

Everything I do is built off my left brain philosophies, how I visually express those philosophies is through my right brain. I’d be rich if I had a dime for every time I’ve been told my ideas won't work or I’m not making sense. I’ve designed websites, magazines, hairstyles, clothes, graphics, and interiors. I’m a novel being, if I stay as original as possible I could never truly be remade. I try to pass on this positive advice as much as I possibly can.

I Jumped Out Of My Comfort Zone On July 23rd 2015.

All the experiences I had, people I met, and friends I made, make all the difference in the world to me. I honestly don't know where I would be today If I didn't make that jump. I learned how to be a leader, an organizer, and social chameleon all without having to change who I was. Which gave me a status where I can do the same for others giving them the opportunity to bring the best of themselves out. I can prove anything is possible.

I have an immense amount of skills and I would like to do everything but I can’t at the moment. My dad has always pushed for me to code python so I started that but that's not necessarily what I want to do. I needed a way to be tech oriented but creative in order to be happy. So he pulled a book off his shelf and it said across the front UI/UX and I immediately said no because I was unfamiliar and seemed too “techy” like he was asking me to code again. Also because I’m narcoleptic I can’t read books unfortunately they trigger me so he said, “ Trust me just look it up I know you can do it.” This is coming from the same guy who would have me disassemble and reassemble computers as a kid so I’m sure you can understand my hesitation. But I love looking things up so there I went, quickly understood what I would be getting myself into and started teaching myself through youtube, udemy, and forums. The only problem was, I had no structure.

COVID-19 was unfortunately but fortunately the reason why I was able to start over. My family and friends were so excited that I can finally showcase myself and get paid for it. Basically they know I will work hard and get the recognition I deserve at the end of the day. Us brown girls, need someone like me to walk so they can run.

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