My daily NOSH

A Re-Design

My Daily Nosh suggests a recipe and shopping list based on a user's budget; what they have in their fridge; and their schedule, diet, and shopping preferences. This app will use their location; budget; the time of the year, month, or week; their preferences, diet, and lifestyle; and their history of previous purchases to send them personalized shopping lists, recipes, seamless order integration, and pushes from the client's partners, Amazon and Fresh Direct (a local New York City grocery delivery service).

MY Role

  • User Interface

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

Thinkful UX Immersion September 2020

iOS Platform / Figma


The app needs to use innovative _machine-learning technology_, that will use the user's current inputs, personal profile, fridge scan, and purchase history to improve their tailored experience.




Food enthusiasts

Target Audience

  • Gender: Female

  • Age: 22-40 years old

  • Annual Income: $40,000-80,0000

  • Location: Large Urban Areas, United States (initial marketing and focus is New York City)

  • Interests: Cooking, Exercise, Wellness and Health

  • Attitudes: Health Conscious, Joiner, Basic, Intimidated by Cooking, Optimistic, Ambitious, Wants to Eat Out Less, Wants to be "Healthier"

  • Challenges: Lack of Time and Resources, Lack of Skill, Social Isolation due to Urban Culture

user research

The client has supplied the example below of what they would like from me: a narrow and clean set of features; AI and personalization; and an added social section with the ability to create community and see what others are buying, including ways to connect with other users. They also like the list interaction in the Kart example below. Along with wireframe examples.





Original Moodboard and Style Tile

Revamped Moodboard and Style Tile


Prototype research

What were we measuring ?

  • Qualitative evaluation of the app’s key functionalities

  • Observable attitude & behavior patterns

  • Use cases: ease of use

We Gathered Our Participants From:

  • LinkedIn Network

  • Discussion Boards

  • Personal Connections

usability testing

Testing was conducted to see if Nosh is " Easy to Use".

Testers were prompted with 4 tasks:

  • Make an order

  • How would you search for an item?

  • Find the substitute items.

  • Show me your last order.

Test Questions

How easy was it for you to make an order?

How do you feel about the recipes feature?

What do you assume this screen does?

How does this screen make you feel?


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